New Northern Shop

After finishing the most recent batch of ET-5 instruments, we packed up over 280 individual boxes and swept the floor of the old shop one last time and moved north. The last shop gave us room to grow the operation over the last 7 years, but the old building was impossible to keep warm during winter and the rusted-shut windows didn’t help during summer.

The new space is powered almost entirely by renewable energy (mostly hydroelectric) and heated by electric radiant floor heating. So far the space has been very cozy during the northern winter, and we’ll find out how the passively cooled design works during the summer – but at least the windows open.

The electronics lab now has an adjustable-height workbench and a larger assembly table. We’ve also moved the 3d printer to a full enclosure and added more shelf space.

The woodworking area is nice and bright with high-cri flicker-free LED lighting and we should have enough space to work on bicycles after hours. I wanted to share these pictures before everything gets messy and dusty as we start on a new batch of ET-5 instruments!