Prototyping New Versions

We’ve been prototyping and testing a few new versions of the ET-4 over the last few months. We’ve been adding features that customers have requested and some other interesting things. Last week we also filmed some new videos and we’re looking forward to getting those up soon.

Here’s a sneak peek from the testing bench:

testing effects loop

prototyping usb interface

Therevox Shop Update

We are currently in the middle of building the next batch of ET-4’s, and it is not too late to get on the waiting list for expected delivery in May. We’ve also been working on developing a few new products and I’m looking forward to officially announcing them in the next few months.

Martin with Noiseborder Ensemble

Recently we had the chance to attend a performance by the Noiseborder Ensemble. Of the many instruments they had on stage, one of them was the ET-4 that they were using to control video animations that were synched to the sound of the ET-4 which was very exciting to see.

Aeryn with ET-4

I’d also like to thank our fall Intern, Aeryn Ng. He has been helping out at Therevox for the last 4 months helping us build cases, cut wood and solder circuit boards. We’ll miss you Aeryn!

More ET-4 Customizations

These custom modifications were done to add several very cool features to the ET-4. Included is an effects loop which doubles as an external audio input with clipping indicator. Headphone jack with volume control, and a knob for filter resonance. Separate outputs were also added for a customer that wanted to send the sound of each oscillator to different amplifiers on opposite sides of the stage – very cool!

Modified ET-4

We just finished this ET-4 for a customer that requested a few extra features. Expression pedal/CV inputs to control the pitch of each oscillator, pulse width modulation and VCA gain. We also added knobs to manually hold the position of either intensity key.

ET-4 Wood Finishing

After lots of hours of wood dust, we’re now working through our 19-step finishing procedure. The results are definitely worth the effort though, here are a few pictures.