More ET-4 Customizations

These custom modifications were done to add several very cool features to the ET-4. Included is an effects loop which doubles as an external audio input with clipping indicator. Headphone jack with volume control, and a knob for filter resonance. Separate outputs were also added for a customer that wanted to send the sound of each oscillator to different amplifiers on opposite sides of the stage – very cool!

Modified ET-4

We just finished this ET-4 for a customer that requested a few extra features. Expression pedal/CV inputs to control the pitch of each oscillator, pulse width modulation and VCA gain. We also added knobs to manually hold the position of either intensity key.

ET-4 Wood Finishing

After lots of hours of wood dust, we’re now working through our 19-step finishing procedure. The results are definitely worth the effort though, here are a few pictures.

Lefty ET-4 Completed

After getting several requests for a left-handed version of the ET-4, I’m happy to say that we recently completed two custom lefty ET-4’s. Instead of just moving the intensity keys to the other side, we mirrored everything about the instrument to keep it equally ergonomic. If you want a lefty ET-4, please let us know.