White Shoe and Ave Maria Videos

We just got word that the Therevox ET-4 has been used in the soundtrack for the Italian film called White Shoe: “The ever surprising story of Salvatore Ferragamo’s early life served as an inspiration for White Shoe, the short movie created expressly for The Amazing Shoemaker (opening on April 19th at the Museo Salvatore Ferragamo in Florence)”. The soundtrack was written and recorded by Los Angeles based composer Leo Z.

Also, Mario Siperman in Argentina sent in this awesome video that he recorded of himself using his ET-4 to play Ave Maria! Great stuff to see!

New ET-4 demo videos

A few new ET-4 videos have shown up on youtube recently. Robert Kilman gives some great demos of his ET-4 serial number 1-05 and shows how to use the [2] intensity key to control the filter cutoff frequency – very cool! Some therevox stickers are in the mail Robert!

Therevox Sessions 2: Vocalise

Mark Calcott multitracks Rachmaninoff’s “Vocalise” with the ET-4 and piano accompaniment. Thanks to Adam Michaelczuk at Sturgeon Studio for helping with the recording. For this recording, Mark used both oscillators of the ET-4 set near perfectly in-tune for a slight phasing effect, very cool!

Therevox Sessions 1: Synth improv

This is the first video in our therevox sessions series, showcasing musicians recording and experimenting with the ET-4. Local musician Mark Calcott has been experimenting with his ET-4 for several weeks and invited me over to film some improvised synth jams.

We’ll be posting more soon! We’re also putting out an open call for any musicians in the area (Southwestern Ontario / Detroit) that want to try our demo model ET-4 in a live recording session. Please contact us!

The First ET-4 Video on Youtube

Now that the first batch of ET-4’s has been completed, I’ve finally had some time to start learning to play the instrument. I recorded a quick version of my favourite song of the moment, Moriarty‘s “How Many Tides (For Sean Sellers)”. I hope you like it! We’re looking forward to seeing what our customers can do with the ET-4.

So you can hear what the ET-4 sounds like, this video was recorded without any effects or post-processing.