New Shop

After quite a few months of renovating, we finally moved into the new shop. This building was once a welding shop and a pinball repair shop before it sat empty for several years. Here are some before and after photos.

Making of the Reclaimed Wood Therevox

I’ll admit that I’m a bit of a pack-rat, especially when it comes to nice pieces of wood. When I’m milling the rough Walnut to make a Therevox ET-4, I’m often left with an assortment of small pieces and I keep every single one of them. After four years of saving these pieces, I thought it was fitting to build a new Therevox ET-4 out of the wood left from construction of all the previous instruments.


Hundreds of small strips were rounded up, measured, graded and then milled to proper dimensions. The order of the strips and grain direction were decided on and then the strips were laminated together.


Each side of the instrument is made with a six-layer lamination. It wasn’t intentional, but I like the coincidence that this instrument is also the first of our sixth production run.


Wiping on the first coat of Tung Oil is always the most anticipated part of building these instruments, and I was especially pleased with how this special instrument turned out. I was honoured when the guys at showed off the final product at MoogFest in Durham, North Carolina.


To be honest, this was an instrument I wanted to keep for myself but I already own one of the first ET-4’s (serial number 1 – 12). It was listed on for only several hours before it found a good home at The Loft Recording Studio in Chicago.


From our facebook page

If you aren’t following our facebook page, here are some photos that we’ve recently posted from the shop.


inspecting boards

expression pedal name plate

Prototyping New Versions

We’ve been prototyping and testing a few new versions of the ET-4 over the last few months. We’ve been adding features that customers have requested and some other interesting things. Last week we also filmed some new videos and we’re looking forward to getting those up soon.

Here’s a sneak peek from the testing bench:

testing effects loop

prototyping usb interface

Therevox Shop Update

We are currently in the middle of building the next batch of ET-4’s, and it is not too late to get on the waiting list for expected delivery in May. We’ve also been working on developing a few new products and I’m looking forward to officially announcing them in the next few months.

Martin with Noiseborder Ensemble

Recently we had the chance to attend a performance by the Noiseborder Ensemble. Of the many instruments they had on stage, one of them was the ET-4 that they were using to control video animations that were synched to the sound of the ET-4 which was very exciting to see.

Aeryn with ET-4

I’d also like to thank our fall Intern, Aeryn Ng. He has been helping out at Therevox for the last 4 months helping us build cases, cut wood and solder circuit boards. We’ll miss you Aeryn!